Our motive behind the dance

As a dancer, my fundamental purpose has been to deliver beauty and meaning into the display of movement in order for it to be artistic, entertaining, and rich in moods, flavors and experiences that can touch the audience. The motive behind my learning process and exposure as a female performer, has been Guruji’s dream to promote Mayurbhanj Chhau, not as the existing local dance form, but as the vastly rich, unique art that it is, with all the potential of becoming a classical dance.

The movements and elements of this attractive discipline have been mostly exposed along with the display of other dance forms, ballets or have been fused into contemporary dance styles, enhancing them and contributing to the overall success of the productions made.  However, a true showcase of the Mayurbhanj style, with its versatile repertory and exquisite traditional body language, very occasionally reaches the Delhi stage.  A rigorous training is required to embody the strength, fluidity and lightness essential to the dance, the characteristic body disposition of the Mayurbhanj style, and the refined details that a particular guru gives to the movements.  Therefore outside the traditional villages where this art has lived, not many follow this path thoroughly and instead are content to simulate poses, walks or stances of mayurbhanj chhau, but in reality they lack the quality, the depth and the energy that distinguishes it.

Following Guruji’s direction, and through much individual searching and dedication I have intended to represent this art form and be one of the few, or maybe the only female exponent who actually aims for a professional level.  I amaze myself when I see the great scope in this demanding blend of refined dance, martial character, and classical representation, and hope to be able to live up to mine and Guruji’s dream of delighting more audiences with this millenary art form.

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