Perspectives of Chhau by a Performing Artist – By Sharon Lowen

Jumping ShivaSharon Lowen-1982

Sharon Lowen has dedicated her life to presenting and promoting excellence in Indian performing arts. She is hailed today as one of the leading international performing artists of three forms of Indian dance: Odissi, Chhau and Manipuri.  in Mayurbhanj Chhau she was trained by theSangeet Natak Academy Awardee (1975), Late Guru Krishna Chandra Naik.

She was the first woman soloist, responsible for introducing Mayurbhanj Chhau to the United States at the 1978 Asian Dance Festival in Hawaii and later at the Olympic Arts Festival of Masks in Los Angeles and is singularly responsible for getting Chhau presented on Doordarshan’ s National Broadcasts.

I feel fortunate and grateful to be able to share her article from the book Chhau Dance of Mayurbhanj, written by Sitakant Mahapatra, published in October 1993 by Vidyapuri, Cuttack, Orissa.

great teachers
Priceless Photo: Guru Madan Mohan Lenka, Guru Krushna Chandra Naik, Guru Sri Hari Nayak, Sharon Lowen 1976 Baripada, Mayurbhanj District, Orissa


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